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2017 Convention Quilt Auction

One of a kind!!

The 2017 convention quilt is a history of NPGA conventions dating back to 1988! Logos from most of the convention T-shirts over the past 30 years have been made into a quilt to cuddle into and remember previous convention adventures. 

A special thank you to all of you who checked your closets and drawers and gave up T-shirts for this project: Becky Adams, Fran Bishop, Linda Colville, Michelle Fuchs, Deb Graf, Lynda Gredin, Ray and Larna Hoyt, Joyce Hubbard, Tammi Josephson, Elaine Krieg, Maggie Leman, Sarah Read, Cheryl Rogers, April Seiler, and George Starbuck.

Quilt made by:

Amanda Kenyon